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We searched high and low for a Heavy Duty Non-MDS alternative to the popular Hellcat lifter. Our HD Racing Lifters have features built into them that improve the action of the lifters not found on the OEM Hellcat Lifters. This makes them the ideal choice for the most demanding performance applications where reliability is critical. 

Heavy duty materials are used throught the reinforced lifter body to withstand the aggressive profiles found on aftermarket high lift cams. Direct Shot Oiling ensures plenty of oil goes straight to the failure prone roller needle bearings and axle. Our lifters also feature a specially designed oil band which is designed to pull harmful contaminents away from the sensitive roller bearing. 


We also utilize a fully Caged Roller and Slow Leak Down which is designed to reliably take the abuse from high lift cam profiles and increased spring pressures.  These lifters will act like a mechanical lifter with very little effective loss of valve lift or duration at any RPM and can handle higher spring pressures without collapsing like OEM lifters under extreme loads.


In testing, not only did these lifters result in more power and higher RPM capability over other Hydraulic lifters, they also drastically reduced valve train wear and failure. These are a must-have upgrade for every Hemi powered vehicle!

ZDT Motorsports Heavy Duty Non-MDS Racing Lifters (Set Of 16)